About me

I am a product designer and UX Researcher who craft impactful user Experiences powered by Data and Users' insight.


As a product designer with a background in industrial design, and interaction design, my goal is always to design meaningful products, services and experiences that focus on ease of use and provide a seamless experience — one that is so intuitive the user doesn’t even recognise it. I believe that great experience design keep complexity behind the scenes and allows people to understand and enjoy using product and services without a second thought.

I work intimately with clients to challenge their direction and provoke new ways of thinking, whether the work involves a new product positioning, redesign of websites or apps, or provide a heightened redesigning customer experience for a service or product.


Known for being both a creative powerhouse as well as a keen researcher, I takes pride in leading both internal and external cross-functional teams to unlock opportunities for products, services and experiences, leveraging skill sets from a diverse background that spans more than 10 years working on diverse range of projects.

After receiving a diploma in Graphic Design and BA in Industrial Design in 2009, I started building a portfolio working  as a designer for different organisations before discovering my passion for research and landing at Queensland University of Technology, where I earned a PhD in Industrial Design. I spent the past 5 years focused on consumer experience research and product design and understanding of the “why” in addition to the “how” of design.

I currently work as a freelance product designer, facilitates design thinking and design Sprint workshops and teach UX Design, User Research, Usability testing,  design thinking and Interaction Design units in School of Design and IT at Queensland University of Technology.


User Experience Design

Your users want digital experiences that are easy to use and delightful to interact with. We help you discover, prototype, and validate what your website or digital product should be in a way that understands and fulfills the needs of your users and your business.

User Interface Design

Researches shown that rejection or selection of a website is 94% design related. Designing the This points that User Interface is the crucial factor determining the success or failure of any digital product.

User Research

 By employing a range of research techniques, including user interviews, stakeholder workshops, observation and surveys, you will have more confidence that you are designing a product or services that meets people’s needs,

Usability Testing

Evaluating a product or service by testing it with representative users reduces the risk of building the wrong thing and save money, time and other precious resources before introduce a product to the market.

Design Sprint Facilitation

Design Sprint is a time-boxed process which uses design thinking with the aim of answering critical business questions and reducing the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market.